The FireQube

The FireQube comes in a rectangular box ready for the grill. Remove the thumb tab at the bottom and the attached strip and light the wick, and in 15 minutes you will be ready to grill.

Two days after agreeing to review Grill Easy, LLC’s “FireQube” the package arrived on my doorstep.

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Tumbler scalers are frequently used to clean large numbers of small fish.

Summer is bream fishing season, it is also bream cleaning season. For those who ardently look for the beds and catch them in large numbers, and eat them, the cleaning chore can be much more daunting than the catching part.

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Record Size Largemouth Bass

This replica accurately displays Buddy Wright's 18-6 ounce bass.

  Recently caught big largemouth bass caught in Kingsley Lake in North Central Florida have created a lot of talk among local bass fishermen.  This is the second year in a row that 14+ pound bass have been caught in Kingsley Lake.

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A North Florida Pheasant Shoot

On Saturday, December 18 about 25 people gathered at the farm of Charles Alvarez on Highway 229 near the Union County-Bradford County Line in North Central Florida around 9:30 AM. … [Read More...]


Springs and Manatees

One of the great natural resources that we have in the State of Florida is the natural springs that form an open connection between the surface ground and the subterranean aquifers that meander underground like giant water filled honeycomb. … [Read More...]

Matt Waters displays one of 38 Deer legally harvested from a seven day hunt in Llano, TX.

Texas Deer Hunting

There is a bumper sticker that says, "I say we fish five days a week and work two."  Unfortunately, many people fail to see the humor in that exaggeration because they fail to realize the passion that surrounds the activities of hunting and fishin … [Read More...]

Water flows under Brooklyn Bridge.

Alligator Creek Flows Again

Highway 21 and Highway 100 intersect at what could be called the downtown section of Keystone Heights, Florida in North Central Florida. … [Read More...]